Singapore’s Most Luxurious and Technologically Advanced Casinos Are The Best In The World

Marina Bay Sands Casino Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Casino Singapore

Known as the playground for the rich (and famous), Singapore is one of the most imposing cities in the world, with some people (rightfully) nicknaming it “The city of the future”. However, Singapore offers more than just fine dining, luxury hotels and high end shopping malls. Of course, there are many great attractions you can visit here as a tourist, but if you’d also want to give in to your passion for gambling, then you should see how lucky you can get at one of its best and most luxurious casinos: the Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa Casinos.

Marina Bay Sands Casino

The Marina Bay Sands is a lavish and massive casino that features 1600 slots machines, 500 gaming tables, more than thirty private gaming rooms and covers 161458 square feet. According to the casino, people who come here can enjoy some of the best, newest and fun electronic gaming machines out there and everyone who’s been there already confirms it through the various rave reviews they write about this place online. In fact, they feature more than two hundred and fifty themes and game titles you can choose from, which makes it a great place any avid gambler is going to love.

When entering the casino, you’ll be welcomed by the sight of the world’s largest chandelier. Weighing a massive 7 tons or 15432 pounds and consisting of more than 130 thousand Swarovski crystals, it’s certainly one of the most incredible highlights you’re going to see here. However, there’s a lot more that you can see and do at the casino and the Marina Bay Sands also caters to non-smokers.

Resort World Sentosa Casino

Resort World Sentosa Casino Singapore
Resort World Sentosa Casino Singapore

Stretching over forty nine hectares, Resort World Sentosa Casino is by far the largest integrated resort in the country and one of the main highlights of Singapore. The place covers an area of more than 160,000 square feet and is, according to its operator and owner, Genting Singapore Public Limited Company, the most sophisticated casino in the world. Thanks to its collaboration with the top gaming equipment providers out there, such as IGT, this place allows gamblers to play some of the best games available in a casinos, including Alien versus Predator, Indiana Jones, Back to the future, Star Wars and more.

Naturally, there are also many jackpot games and slot machines that you can play at and with more than 500 tables available, it’s easy to see just how much fun you can have here.

One thing to bear in mind is that permanent residents and Singaporeans can only gain entrance to the casino if they pay a Casino Entry Levy. This includes an annual and a day levy. The day levy costs one hundred Singaporean dollars, while the yearly one costs 2000 Singaporean dollars. As for where the levy money goes, Resort World Sentosa Casino uses it for public purposes, but also for charity.

While Singapore may not have as many casinos as other parts of the world, it certainly has some of the most technologically advanced and luxurious casinos you’ll ever get the chance to play at.

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