Top 5 Best Casinos Worth Checking Out When Coming To Monte Carlo

Casino Monte Carlo Monaco
Casino Monte Carlo Monaco

Glittering and gorgeous, Monaco is a very small royal principality that sits on the French Riviera and is less than 2 square km in size. In fact, many of the tourists who come to visit this place say it’s the most seductive and beautiful stretch of land in the world thanks to its vibrant flowers, graceful palm trees, deep blue sea incredible scenery. However, it’s not only the natural sights that people come here for, but also Monaco’s casinos. In fact, if you’re a gambler, then you’ll be happy to know that here you’re going to find some of the best casinos in Europe. So how about you head to one of the following casinos we’re going to review and take a chance at winning big? It’s certainly going to be an experience you’ll never forget!

Casino de Monte Carlo

The Casino the Monte Carlo was designed more than 152 years ago, more specifically in eighteen sixty three by famous architect of the time, Charles Garnier. The casino overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and is noted for its rococo ceilings, Bohemian glass chandeliers and columned marble and gold atrium that continues into the age old opera house.

The casino allows passionate gamblers to play a wide range of games, including Ultimate Texas Hold’em poker, Craps, English Roulette, but also Black Jack, Trente at Quarante and European roulette to name a few. For those who can’t make up their mind between playing slot machines or tables, the machines in the Salle Europe and Salle Renaissance are certainly going to satisfy all their heart’s desires.

Adding to the amazing experience of playing at Casino de Monte Carlo are the private restaurants, Le Salon Rose and Le Train Bleu. One last detail to mention is the fact that anyone who wants to play here needs to be at least eighteen years old. Passport and jacket are required.

Sun Casino

The Sun Casino sits comfortably in the center of the wonderful Fairmont Monte Carlo and this spectacular casino provides a wide range of games, including American roulette, punto banco, blackjack and baccarat to name a few. Having fun here is guaranteed and that’s because there are also several discos in the area, not to mention upscale restaurants where you can enjoy some of the best foods in the country. In order to play here, you need to show your passport and also dress appropriately.

Casino du Palais de la Mediterranee

Palais de la Mediterranee Monaco
Palais de la Mediterranee Monaco

Built in nineteen twenty nine, the Casino du Palais de la Mediterranee seems to have gone through a full makeover in 2004 when its interior and layout have been revamped. The current version of this casino features approximately two hundred slot machines, but you can also play many other games, including Texas hold’em poker, blackjack and electric roulette. The casino is open from 10 AM up until 3 AM on weekends and until 4 AM in the weekend. As for the table play, it starts at 8 PM.

Le Ruhl Casino

Le Ruhl’s brightly colored entrance and neon lights are very hard to miss if you stroll the city at night. Featuring more than 300 slot machines, this is by far one of the best stops for passionate gamblers who want to have a good time. The truth is that the casino wasn’t always this successful and imposing and in fact, it was renovated by the Barriere group not so long ago to the tune of five million Euros. While some of the people coming here are all about blackjack and roulette, others will try their luck at one of the three hundred slot machines that are scattered throughout the casino.

Casino Cafe de Paris

Open 24/7, the Casino Cafe de Paris is one of the top stops for tourists who want to try their luck at one of its 550 machines. There’s a great number of machines you can enjoy playing at when coming here, including themed machines (Playboy, Jenga, Bridesmaids, Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Holmes), electronic roulette (organic roulette, pinball, video roulette), video machines (Little Green Men, Pirate Battle, The Sphinx 3D) and classic slots machines. However, if you feel that playing inside the casino is not your thing, then you can go outside and play at any of the ninety one machines available on the casino’s terrace. It’s certainly an experience you’ll never forget!


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